This ‘Cyberspace’ is an acrylic paining done on canvas.

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This ‘Cyberspace’- Acrylic on canvas, set of 2 paintings.  

Frame size: approx. 25cm x 30cm (set of 2)

Artist: Ambika

Product Location: Bonn, Germany

The idea behind setting up our shops is NOT to SELL product/services, but to make you experience the ‘satisfaction of helping unknown people’.

How does this work?

You may select a product/service you want to have and contact us. Once we agree & fulfill terms and conditions, the agreed donation amount (called fee) should be paid by YOU DIRECTLY to the registered charity organization, through PayPal.

We have made efforts to identify one such (may add few more to our list) organisation which is doing wonderful work to care of less prevailed kids (mostly girls).

Please visit Aarti-for-girls for more details.

As of now, most of the artworks are located in Cologne Germany (for pickup/delivery). If you want the artwork to be delivered outside of Cologne within Germany, you have to pay the postage.