Events & A4G
A4G is very thankful to all the (following) associations which truely understood the charity work we are doing and collaborating with us.
As we always say:
“Together, we can do more good”.
Indian Association Bonn e.V:
"Diwali Celebrations"

Indian Association Bonn e.V.(IAB) is celebrating Diwali and A4G will be there.

Indian Association Bonn e.V:
"Dandiya night"

Indian Association Bonn e.V. (IAB) is celebrating Dandiya and A4G will be there.

Cologne Telugu Vedika e.V:
"Vinayaka Chaviti Celebrations"

Cologne Telugu Vedika e.V.(CTV) is celebrating Vinayaka Chaviti and we requested then to allow us to setup a stall. A4G is very thankful to CTV for accepting our request.

Visit our Stall and get to know more about us and join our journey.

Indian Association Bonn e.V:
"Indian Independence Day"

IAB (Indian Asocial Bonn) celebrated Indian Independence Day with Chief guests from Indian consulate from Frankfurt, and A4G was there.

Thanks to IAB, for inviting us to show our presence. Our young student Selcy took the responsibility of introducing A4G to all the guests by reading out a short speech. And, she did it very well.

IAB Also purchased two (Mahatma Gandhi & Subhash Chandra Bose) artworks and gifted them to chief guests.  

People made donations and taken some of the artworks displayed and we also met people from other Bonn associations.

Bonner Kultur- und Begegnungsfest

A4G will be there at “Diversity!” – Bonn culture and  engagement festival!
Thanks to DIG ( Indo-German society Bonn), for sharing their stall with us.


NRW Kannada Koota e.V.:
Vasanthotsava 2023

Thanks to Kannada koota e. V. for allowing us to be there.
Our young Volunteer Punya went on stage and introduced A4G to everyone present there. 
Our art class student Sanjitha supported us at the stall and also displayed her artworks to promote charity.

Our other volunteers Sree Ram & Sona did cover the main work associated with the stall.

This event again proved that, together, we can do more good! 

Indo-German society Bonn:

A4G was there! This time, apart from having a stall to sell artworks,  Geetanjali (A4G student) has played keyboard.

Rhein Tamil Association e.V, Köln-
Pongal celebrations

A4G is very thankful to Rhein Tamil Association e.V, Köln, for allowing us to be present at their event and introducing A4G to everyone at the event. 

Telugu Society Duesseldorf - Sankranti celebrations

A4G is very thankful to Duesseldorf Telugu community, for the invitation and also for introducing A4G to everyone at the event.  Our volunteers has a nice time there, and equally important, raised a good amount of charity donations to Aarti-home ( )

Visit to Aarti Village, Kadapa (India)

A4G visited Aarti village. Aarti-Home woking committee took us around Aarti village and showed us the work they are doing. They appreciated the work A4G is doing and even listed A4G as one of their partners.

Indian Association Bonn e.V.: Diwali event

IAB (Indian Association Bonn) was present at Sneham event and were very happy to support the good cause for which A4G is working. They invited us to their Diwali event. A4G is very thankful to IAB for joining our beautiful (as well as meaningful) journey. We also had a chance to meet Frau Dr. Ursula Sautter Mayor of Bonn, who also told us that she is impressed with A4G’s unique way of converting hobby-work to charity-work, an made an immediate donation to Aarti-Home(orphanage in India) and took home the artwork she liked!

Sneham e.V. - Diwali Event

A4G received its first ever opportunity to be present at an Indian event in Oct’2022. We are very thankful to Sneham e.V. (South Indian Association Bonn, ) for providing that opportunity. We were very encouraged by the interest people showed in the work A4G is doing.

Sneham is the first Association which came forward to blend charity into their cultural celebrations. We hope that this is just a beginning of many more ‘together we can do more good’ cooperations.